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Company registration in the UAE

In the Middle East state there are available registering of following types of companies:

  • The mainland company incorporation;
  • The Free zone company incorporation;
  • The offshore company incorporation.

Only following type of company is available to act inside country:

«The mainland company »

The peculiarity of local business is to register in the mainland of the country, outside the Free zone. Company must rent an office and can operate throughout the Emirates, as well as in any country in the Persian Gulf. In 2019, Arab law allowed foreigners to own 100% of the capital of local firms across 120 activities. That is, now businessmen operating in some areas do not have to be in partnership with a citizen of the UAE. To comply with the laws, it is enough to cooperate with a local agent, who formally represents the interests of the company before the state and performs only administrative functions.

Company registration process in UAE:

1. Registration and preparation of documents.
2. Choose of the right license for your business.
3. Reissuance of a tourist visa for a resident visa
4. Opening of a corporate bank account.
5. Permanent support ecosystem for business requirements such as VAT, compliance, accounting, etc.

Legal Structure

Minimum number of directors - 2

The requirement for residency directors - No

Minimum number of shareholders - 1

The data reveals to the local agent - Yes

Data field to the public registry - No

The requirement for the presence of the Secretary - Yes


1. VAT - No;

2. Basic corporate tax rate - No;

3. Capital gains tax - No;

4. Stamp duty - No.

Prices for registering a company in UAE

Expected minimum execution period is 30 days.

Expected total approximately price to be 15500 EUR, which includes full kit of company documents, commercial license, labor visa processing, office rental charges, Power of attorney, bank account introduction, municipal and government charges. The amount shows first year estimated expenses, annual expenses such as rent, accounting, audit, taxes and govt. charges etc. are not added for second and rest consecutive years.

By agreeing to the service, we expect from you the full contacts of the director and shareholder, copies of the passport, the proposed 3 options for the company name, selfie photos in the style of the shareholders' passport. If the director of the company (the one who receives the resident visa) has not previously visited the UAE, a tourist visa is required to generate a unique immigration number (UID).

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