Registration of companies in Singapore, opening an account in one of the country's banks

Legal and accounting services, financial audits for foreign companies.
Company registration in Singapore

Characteristics of Singapore Limited Liability Companies (Limited)

  • Registration of a company with 100% foreign investment;
  • The minimum amount of paid-in capital is SGD 1, while the shares are issued without specifying par value (par value);

  • Prestige of the jurisdiction;
  • 1 shareholder and 1 individual director (one of the directors must be a resident of Singapore, nominee service is available);
  • For private companies, a 4.25% tax rate on the first S$100,000 of taxable income, half the standard rate applies on the next S$200,000 of income;
  • Standard taxable income rate of 17% on income over S$300,000 per annum;
  • Possibility to get an exemption from mandatory audit (subject to a number of conditions) otherwise the audit is mandatory;
  • Territorial taxation principle: if the company's management is located outside Singapore, profits from foreign sources are not subject to taxation in Singapore, provided that they are not remitted to Singapore;
The company must have a registered address and a secretary permanently resident in the Republic of Singapore. We provide this service to our Clients.
Approximate prices for services in this area
Registration of a company
5,500 EUR
Registration of a company in the first year of activity
Singapore bank account
from 2,500 EUR
Assistance in opening a bank account
300 EUR /month
Virtual office
Renewal of the company
4,100 EUR
Renewal of the company (payment after 1 year of activity)
Account (payment system)
from 1,500 EUR
An account in one of the payment systems
1300 EUR
Any of the relevant documents (Certificate of Good Standing; Incumbency)
Nominal service

Nominal service depends on the purchased service (considered for 1 year):

Nominee director (opening an account is not included

in the service) - 2,250 EUR;

Nominee director plus local bank account - 3,750 EUR;

Nominee director plus foreign bank account - 7,500 EUR.

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